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About Us


From humble beginnings to now one of the fastest growing international online stores for fitness apparel. One of our goals is to give the best online shopping experience to our customers. It is our greatest joy to know if we have made another customer happy or simply knowing we have put another smile on a customer’s face.

We ship to worldwide locations as we serve the international market for our customers are from all over the globe. As an advocate for wellness, our products are not just for physical fitness as we aim for something more than that - we want to be instruments of total well-being. We don't just run a business - we do care. With the wide selection of fitness apparel we offer, you can feel good while looking great.

Activnez will not cease to innovate. Expect for new designs to come.




To be instruments of not just fitness, but total well-being.



To provide amazing fitness wear at the most lucrative prices.